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With 30 years of expertise in screen printing t-shirts and apparel, we can confidently offer all of our customers an exceptional service.  Quick turnaround printing, quality base garments and a full cut make and sew service.
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We have been producing printed t-shirts since the 1980’s, it is what our business was built on. We had our own successful brands in the 1980’s and 90’s and sold into many high street chains as well as selling all over the world. Producing large prints in water based inks was a signature of the brands and soon got notoriety that led to businesses and brands contacting us to work with them.

Over the years we have printed for Spitting Image, Fruit of the Loom, Champion (NBA and NFL), Principles, Manchester United, Hanes and many, many others. We now have an amazing selection of customers from art galleries that require our expertise to local work that could be a stag do or promotional t-shirt.

Now our design team of experienced and new designers can respond to briefs and come up with brilliant designs for t-shirts. We can sample quickly and provide inventive ideas to take your concepts and ideas from concept to shelf. We love what we do and t-shirts is what we do!

We have two automatic MHM presses, with the ability to print up to 14 screens and have real colour process expertise. We can print with specialty inks, including metallic, expanding inks, cracking inks and glitters and foils. Our large capacity automatic production lines can print easily at 600 t-shirt per hour leaving us with a large capacity to service large contracts.

We also have a DTG print work shop, and a hand carousel, that we can put to use for smaller production orders. The DTG machines are brilliant for small and large orders, with an hourly capacity rate of 100’s depending on the print complexity. The high definition printing is very impressive and we also use these DTG machines for or drop ship and print on demand services.

The hand carousel is used for sampling and also low volume runs. It is areal skill and watching our printers work through an 8 screen sample is nothing but impressive. Some customers love this and also want it in production, that we can do, if the brand involved understands the value of doing it this way and accepts it costs to do.

As well as being experienced and capable printers of t-shirts, we also offer a large range of hoodies and other apparel.We work with several excellent brands, that offer lots of different areas of quality and purpose. Gildan, Fruit of the Loom,Continental Clothing, Earthpositive, Salvage, Sol’s, RTP, Hanes, Mantis, Stanley & Stella, American Apparel and many more. We don’t just work with established brands and can source apparel for you fully printed or just blank for us to print. We have relationships with factories in Turkey, Bangladesh and India on your behalf and can work on all the tech packs and produce samples in the UK for you, to best manage and speed up the confidence in working overseas.

Our UK made apparel is become increasingly popular and it seems our t-shirt lines are constantly working. We have recently invested in new digital cutting equipment that makes it possible for us to supply all over printed garments for print on demand and drop ship, as well as in volume for retailers. We can make fully printed t-shirts in polyester fabrics, cottons and also silk if required. It is quite a unique service and one that our established customers value very much.

As well as printing t-shirts and hoodies, we can also fully re-brand garments for our customers. We can print neck prints on the inside of any garment through transfers, or screen print onto jersey fabric. We can sew in labels that we can also get produced, to give you apparel and extra branded quality. And finally we offer a bespoke packaging design and supply service. Swing tags, printed bags, belly bands, barcode and boxes.

To complete our offering we can also store stock for you, blank or printed and call off in quick time for you. Many of our London based customers take use this service as it is cost efficient to print in larger volumes and have us store the stock at a price worked into the unit price, rather than pay for a separate fulfillment service on the outskirts of London. It’s part of our service that has grown slowly over the years, but as our customers look for way to make life easier it has become a service that is increasingly valued and one that we are getting more demand for.