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We are delighted to offer our quality textile products to you via our new drop ship service. You can now chose from the following products to upload onto your web shops, set new designs to them, or allow customers to personalise their own. The orders then flow directly into our production queues, we print, sew, pack and dispatch them direct to your customer in 72 hours.
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POD, Drop Ship! What on earth does it all mean? Well its actually really very simple and very interesting.
POD stands for ‘print on demand’ and means exactly what it says. We can print your product on demand. But what does that actually mean and what on earth is drop shipping? In its simplest form, what this all means is, that you sell products online through a website or point of sale in a shop. You take payment and sit back and we do the rest. Once the payment is processed, it shots down the internet and straight into our order management software queue. We then print the fabric, sew the product and ship it directly to your customer and all in 72 hours.
That all sounds great, but why is that so exciting and why does it help me? Well depending on who you are or who you are working will determine why it is of benefit, so let’s cover some different scenarios.
If you are a designer, that is looking to develop more product to sell to your growing number of fans and customers, this service is clearly a huge opportunity. You upload our products onto your online shop, design and launch product and start selling. Because we only make as you receive orders, you don’t need stock, also you don’t need to pay us until you have been paid, so it’s a cash positive, cashflow model. It also means you can expand the number of designs you are selling very quickly. In short this leaves you freer to do what your customers want and were you add serious value, staying creative and fresh!
Let’s say you work for a museum or art gallery,what better way to reach into your collection of visual assets and offer them to your customers. The lack of stock is huge, and the cash positive cash flow model so significant especially in the face of covid-19 and the huge impact that is having on available cash and budgets.
A retailer with an already strong online presence, well firstly you know all about drop ship and POD. But you might not be as used to seeing products of the quality we make and with full personalisation and licensing opportunities we can bring a unique and fresh new offer to you product portfolio.

We are all very excited about this at Paul Bristow Associates and are leading into this with the following products (all UK made);

UK made face coverings
UK made snood
UK made large cotton tote bags
UK made luxury bonded cotton tote bags
UK made cotton book bags
UK made cotton purses
UK made cotton pencil cases
UK made cotton tea towels
UK made cotton aprons
UK made cotton napkins
UK made cotton table runners
UK made cushion covers
UK made full printed dye-sublimation t-shirts
UK placement printed (DTG) t-shirts
UK printed hoodies and sweatshirts

We are also looking to launch all of these products in organic options and all with our excellent print quality and sewing expertise.

We see this as the future of manufacturing for retailers in the UK and are really excited to be taking our first steps into this world, bring all the experience and quality being in textiles for over 30 years brings!

In the world we find ourselves in now, we need to see this for the opportunity it is! We only make what we sell, reducing waste. We allow our customers choice and the ability to personalise and get it delivered to their door, giving them time and space to enjoy experiences in their own time and with flexibility. We all make cash positive, cash flow models,, fit for the modern digital world!