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We all face an extraordinary challenge to make the correct choice for the future of our planet. We take this challenge seriously and believe that our responsibility as a manufac
Textile Products
that don't
Cost the Earth
We use GOTS approved water based inks.
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We believe that producing textile gifts doesn’t need to cost the world. So we felt a strong responsibility to offer some ethical and environmentally product options. As a result we are delighted to present to you this section of organic cotton textiles;

A full range of organic cotton tote bags, all made in the UK and printed with water based pigment inks. We are also offering a range of kitchen textiles like tea towels, aprons and napkins in organic cotton, again made in the UK and printed with water based inks. Our cushions don’t miss out on the organic treatment and we can also make them for you in organic cotton. Finally we are also delighted to offer our customers a large range of organic cotton t-shirt and apparel options.

We have been water based ink screen printers since the 1980’s and with this comes a vast amount of experience in how to use these inks. It is not easy as we would like you all to believe and it is certainly a lot harder than printing with plastised inks, but we have been committed to it for many years and really do know what we are doing. The inks we use in our DTG printers are also organically certified so offer a full range of decoration options that complement the choice of organic cotton for your base product.

The launch of these products wasn’t enough for us because we feel it is our responsibility to create products that you can sell with confidence to your customers. So telling you these products are organic doesn’t cut it. So in late 2019 and early 2020 we were going through the process of applying for a new Soil Association licence. This is something we have held in the past, so know how difficult it is obtain, but as with everything we do, we believe in trying to doing things properly. Unfortunately Covid-19 has put a bit of a delay on this application due to staff being furloughed and not feeling an onsite inspection could be considered essential, but we are excited that on the other side of this pause to normal life, we will become a Soil Association Licensed supplier.

What this license means is really important to you and your customers, because it provides you with confidence that the claims we make on your behalf for the organic products we make for you are being audited and checked. We will have to keep a clear chain of records for all the products we sell under our license, so that spot checks during audits can be made to check all elements involved in the production are certified or approved for use under the GOTS ‘Global Organic Textile Standards’ testing criteria.It also hold us to treating our staff to high standards you should expect and also means that they are held to high standards during production to make sure we don’t cross contaminate organic and non-organic cotton.
So if you are looking for a manufacturing partner for you products, that is based Britain, makes great organic textiles and is experienced, then we are that manufacture. Please contact us to find out more about our organic products and the input we can put into your project.