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Face masks are becoming an everyday part life for lots of us and an important part of our re-starting of life. We have several options available, all made in the UK and fully printed.

We are all facing an extraordinary time together and need to do what we can to get through it. This time last year face masks/face coverings were far from our production line but today they are our bestselling product. The fact that we offer our customers a fully printed, UK made face mask/face covering is an attractive quality. We produce thousands per week with an approximate two-week lead time.

Our bestselling mask is a 2-ply polyester, pleated mask, fully printed and made in the UK. We also produce a 3-ply mask made here in the UK. Our 3-ply masks can also be fully printed.

Another exciting development with our face masks/face coverings, including our snood, is the application of a textile treatment technology called ViralOff®.

The benefits of ViralOff® are clear. It makes a face mask/face covering better for health reasons, needs washing less and lasts far longer. This in turn makes this product much more environmentally friendly. For these reasons we are also beginning tests using ViralOff® on our other products.

We are very clear that all our face mask/face covering products are not made to PPE medical standards and should not be used in medical environments. Our face masks/face coverings are made for general public use and for those working in non-medical environments where social distancing is difficult.

ViralOff® is an antiviral treatment added to textiles to protect the treated article itself from contamination. ViralOff® gives 99% reduction of viruses in 2hours*. It is not intended to cure or prevent diseases. ViralOff® does not interfere with the skin’s natural bacterial flora. For the best performance and sustainability, wash it less and only when needed, which will result in a product that will live for longer.

For more information on ViralOff®, please visit: ViralOff® | Polygiene© Technology

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