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Firstly, all of us at Paul Bristow Associates we would like to extend our thanks and praise to all the key workers from the NHS, who have been risking everything to help those effected by this horrible virus. We would also like to extend this thanks to all other key workers, from the local supermarket shop assistants to the scientists and civil servants who are working tirelessly to keep the country provided for and safe.

As a family business and British manufacture of printed textiles, we like many others in ourposition, have tried to support the effort to make PPE for the NHS. However,we did not have the crucial supply chains of the correct raw materials available to us to be able to make any of the PPE required for them in meaningful quantities. This becameapparent after the initial few weeks of lockdown, so we turned our attention to manufacturing face coverings, as it became clear that they were going to be important to the country’s ability to start emerging from lockdown.

We are now producing thousandsof masks per week for major organisations and companies in the UK and continue to develop and research a better-qualityproduct for our customers. We have formed a partnership with Polygene, who have been able to supply our fabric manufactures, who are also based in the UK, with a ViralOff coating, that kills 99.9% of all virus after two hours of contact with the fabric. This makes using our face coverings during the normal course of a day much safer than one without. We have also launched several face covering shapes at different costs including a snood that also has the ViralOff coating.

These new product lines have enabled us to re-open our business whilst alsoproviding the manufacture of our existing products lines like t-shirts, tote bags, cushions,and kitchen textiles. So from our factories in North Wales, we are now producing printed bespoke textile gifts and products for our customers again. A large amount of our customers remain closed, so things are far from normal, but the signs are positive.

As we havere-opened,the safety of our colleges has been at the for front of our actions and thoughts. We are lucky that we have the floor space to properly space out our sewing production lines so that social distancing is possible. We have also provided our staff with face coverings, hand sanitisers, gloves and even hot drinks flasks. All of us back at work have been excellent at accepting the new rules we must follow and have really thrown ourselves at the task ahead of us. We are all proud of the fantastic printed bags, t-shirts and products that we make and the collective spirit shown is wonderful.

Another major project we have focused on is our drop ship, print on demand service that we have now launched with the first product being, a face covering. This new service was central to our strategy pre Covid-19 but the pause in normal activity and the obvious impact on our customers this situation has created, we felt bring this to the canter of our strategy was essential. We continue to add new products on this service including bring a brilliant range of organic cotton tote bags, t-shirts and gifts. The ability for retailers to bring new products to market, without the cost of producing stock, storage and ultimately selling in retail spaces, drop ship and print on demand is going to play a part in re-building ourretailers. As a British manufacture we are uniquely placed to offer this type of service and our expertise and product quality are lifting the standards of the types of products available like this.