Bespoke design

Paul Bristow Associates Ltd has earned a leading reputation for its ability to produce high quality UK manufactured textile products, which accurately reproduce customer’s artwork. Our in house design team work closely with our customers during a rigorous proofing phase. Once completed, we utilise our extensive experience, in both screen and print technology, manufacturing and packaging, to deliver a product that justifies that reputation. Our customers benefit from a fast turn around without compromising our production standards. In short, this allows customers to order small or large quantities with the ability to repeat order in response to demand.Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about this service. To see examples of our work, and the options available around each product, click here.



In House Design Team


Maggie Bristow leads our in house design team. With over 40 years industry experience as a designer and producer of textiles, her knowledge and ability are an asset to our clients. Maggie’s team are able to quickly grasp the nuances of design briefs and provide crucial feedback to clients regarding the suitability of fabrics, labelling and packaging.  This is then all brought together into concept sheets that are refined in close consultation with our clients. The concept sheets evolve into spec sheets, which, once signed off will be developed into samples for your approval.

All we need is an image meeting the following specification:

  • JPG; TIFF; Photoshop PSD, Illustrator AI
  • 300 DPI
  • Minimum image dimensions 3500mm x 3500mm



Screen Printing, Digital Printing & Sublimation

Our origins are in screen printing and, we are recognised by our clients as having industry leading expertise in this area. Nevertheless, we have the flexibility to produce high quality imagery on to our broad range of products using all the above printing solutions. Which print technique to use depends on a variety of factors, such as; the complexity of the image, the number of colours required, the type of fabrics being used, the type of product being manufactured and the volumes being produced.

Whatever the requirement, we have the flexibility to deliver it.



BB01 CB01


Within our factory we can make adjustments to any of our products to deliver a client’s specific requirements. Whether it is leather or fabric handles, zips, pockets, coloured or printed linings, customised labelling and packaging, we have the knowledge, skills and facilities to produce it.

The tangible benefits of your products being UK manufactured include; shorter timelines from sampling to production, your ability to order volumes that reflect your requirements, with the flexibility to repeat order with a quick turn around, and; your ability to control quality and imagery across a wide range of products.


Packaging has become increasingly important to our customers as they either create or enhance their brand identity. We can achieve this is a number of ways, including: woven labels, swing tickets, inserts, header cards, bar-coding and bespoke packaging solutions. Please contact us for more details.